Website Content Creation & Copywriting

Website hostingYou’re the best placed person to know what your company does and what you hope to gain from an effective online presence.  However, sometimes it’s not so easy to put that into words on your website and really sell your services.

Meerkats offer a professional web content and copywriting service to allow you to harness the power of words and gain the attention of your prospective customers.

Well written content is often overlooked in the pursuit of a well designed website but you cannot afford to lose the interest of your customer after the first sentence.

Meerkats offer a full web service - we can design your site and liaise with you to create highly personalised copy.  If you already have a website, we can discuss your requirements and rewrite the content to maximise opportunities and ensure you have the polish that sets you above your competitors.

Our staff has extensive high level copywriting and PR experience and will be delighted to take your copy to the next level.

As time passes, your website should evolve to reflect the growth and changes within your business. Let Meerkats take the responsibility for content maintenance and ensure that you are on the top of your game.