Search Engine Optimisation

Website hostingYou think your website looks great, you have the best prices and product range - so why are you not getting traffic to your website?

Often websites are not optimised effectively for the search engines - Google, Yahoo, Ask etc. Search engines have a very particular way of finding and listing sites. It could be that yours is missing the boat.

One part of how search engines rank sites is your domain name, although most companies choose very wisely.

The second is the current popularity of your site, which puts you in a bit of 'chicken and egg' situation.

The third part of the equation is how the content has been constructed and focussed to reflect your particular company's image and services and how this will stand up against the sites of your competitors. The third part we can help you with.

Optimising your website will involve the rewriting of some content in addition to changes to the code.

Once your website is primed for the search engines, we can work with you to increase traffic through email marketing and promotions, or by providing new services and tools for users, for example.

Let us take a look at your existing website and give you a quote - simply email with your domain name and telephone number and we'll give you a call.