Hacked website repair

Your website is constantly under attack from people and automated software looking to exploit it for either malicious reasons or commercial gain. That's a worrying statement right? But if you look at the website traffic of any public website you will see a constant stream of attempts to gain entry or compromise it. Even more worrying is that once a hacker gains access to your website they will in most cases hide their tracks, so you won't even know it's happened until it's too late. The three top reasons a hacker has for compromising your website are malware delivery, sending bulk spam emails and data theft. All of these activities can result in your domain appearing in domain blacklists, which may in turn block your website, block emails from your domain name or result in your website being shut down by your hosting company. Falling foul of hacker activity can  also lead to a great deal or embarrassment and loss of confidence from your customers.

Many websites are now built with third-party content management systems such as the ever popular Wordpress. Wordpress is a great tool for building and managing your website but it needs constant 'patching' to keep it up-to-date with any security risks. Furthermore, if there's a security hole of any kind in the core Wordpress software it is very quickly exploited across the web. Any plug-ins you add to Wordpress also need patching as they pose the same security risks. Any flaw in widely used software will quickly be exploited by hackers. Many of the infected or compromised websites we are asked to repair have been left unpatched for many months, or even years.

Help my website has been hacked!

If you suspect your website has been hacked don't panic, we can help. We have a systematic and effective method of dealing with an infected website, and in many cases we can have it cleaned and up and running again within an hour. We will ask you for your FTP login details, your Wordpress admin account login (if applicable) and your hosting account cPanel login if you have one. Don't worry if you don't have all these details to hand, the most important thing is the FTP login as this gives us access to the files behind your website. Your hosting company will be able to provide you with these. We will back up your files and database, clean up any infected files, repair any damage the hacker the hacker did (wherever possible), update and secure your software and install a firewall if necessary.

Call us now if your website has been hacked.

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